Greenpower Kit Car Comes First

Greenpower Kit Car Comes First

Posted: 24/06/2021

It has been quite a while since the senior school DT race car was let loose on a track in the UK but this week the newly shaped and livered Greenpower car rolled out onto the Croft race circuit in Yorkshire.

The circuit was three and a half hours away and so warranted a 5am start for the 10 lucky students who were to represent Bromsgrove School for this highly anticipated return to racing. They had all been diligently working on the car from September and now had the opportunity to put all efforts to the trial which was tested from the outset in the practice sessions when the car came in on the first lap with a loose axle after a grub screw fell out of its location making the car rattle loudly when driven. This was fixed and after a few more practice laps it came in again with white smoke bellowing from the motor. We assessed the motor with the help of a Greenpower specialist who suggested that a small piece of debris had gotten into the motor and was burning off in the brushes. After a few minutes it stopped and so decided to give it another few laps and all was clear after that.

The day was separated into four 20 minute races with a driver change in-between each. The car would be racing as a whole group (Kitcars, F24, F24+ and F24+ Kitcar series, the latter + series being a group of cars from colleges and universities which is usually separated) for all four races.

The team and the car performed amazingly and looked extremely strong for all four races. The only team incident involved a spin out after dodging a drifting car but we managed to work around this and carry on as normal. With an overall distance of 33.57 miles across the four races we came first place Kitcar and 4th overall. 2nd place Kitcar was over 9 miles behind us which is equivalent to approximately 8 laps. We also travelled further than all of the college/university Kitcar + series entries too by just under 6 miles.

A special thank you should also go out to our two current sponsors Mark 3d  for providing us with some revolutionary car components in printed carbon fibre, thank you Ian Weston and 4QD for the porter 10XXX and our other ‘secret weapon’ which worked perfectly on the day. 

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