Health Centre

Health Centre 

Bromsgrove School Health Centre is at the heart of delivering the care needed to support the pupils’ physical and emotional health and wellbeing. 

The Health Centre is led by a full time Nurse Manager with a team of Registered Nurses. The nursing team are very experienced, with a proactive approach to preventive healthcare and an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Independent School Nursing. All Nurses are employed by the School and there are no extra fees for their services or for treatment at the Health Centre. The nurses have support and professional supervision from the team of NHS Doctors at a local General Practice in Bromsgrove Town Centre. This practice is Churchfields Surgery, BHI Parkside, Stourbridge Road, Bromsgrove, Tel 01527 872163. All boarding pupils are registered with Dr Law at this practice.

For pupils new to the School, a Health History form must be completed – these forms are sent out with the Joining Instructions pack during the Summer Term prior to starting and we ask that they are returned as soon as possible. International pupils are asked to supply a detailed medical history and vaccination history form their current doctor.

The team in the Health Centre is an integral part of a pupils’ life at School, whether that be supporting a chronic illness, a mental health problem or just providing the care and monitoring required if they are unwell. Our medical staff pride themselves in delivering high standards of care and promoting the life skills required to enable pupils manage all aspects of health in the future.

Many of the nurses have a specialist qualification so that the Health Centre can offer asthma clinics, sexual health and smoking cessation advice, travel and vaccination advice, diabetes monitoring and other important advisory services.

The School's team of Health Professionals work closely with parents, academic staff and other support staff to meet the needs of individual pupils or to deal with health and welfare issues that may affect the whole School. Housemothers are employed in the boarding houses to manage health and welfare. They are not trained nurses but are an integral part of the pastoral team and have a primary caring and parenting role in the house. When Housemothers are not on duty, duty staff cover health and welfare with additional 24 hour support from the Nurse team.

The Health Centre has a number of in-patient beds for pupils who are unwell and they are cared for by a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during term time. Rooms are quiet and comfortable with televisions and internet access and we have our own kitchen where freshly cooked food is served. The Health Centre is situated between the Preparatory and Senior Schools where the younger pupils have access through the School grounds.

Parents and guardians are welcome to call in to the Health Centre or contact them by telephone or email at any time. Direct contact with the Doctors can be easily arranged for boarder’s parents. We strongly encourage sharing information about treatment and follow up care - between the pupil concerned, their parents, Health Centre and relevant school staff, and request that all parents keep us informed about events that occur during holiday periods, especially if the pupil needs additional support during the next term.

You can contact the Health Centre by telephone on 01527 579679 ext 217
by email:
or out of hours (before 21.30) on mobile telephone 07468 726929

Full details of any of our policies can be made available to parents on request. They are endorsed by the School Medical Officer, Health and Safety Officer and the Academic Senior Management Teams, and put into practice throughout the School.

Assessment of Injuries and Illness During COVID-19 

In order to protect all pupils, the Medical Centre will be used for boarders only from now on. Please refer to the COVID-19 Isolation Procedure 

Day pupils
Obviously, if a child should display the recognisable symptoms of the COVID-19 Virus (temperature above 37.8, new and persistent cough, and/or change in sense of taste and smell), parents are asked to keep them at home and have them tested straight away. Details of how to seek a test are detailed in the COVID-19 Isolation Procedure. Please immediately inform the School if the test is positive. If a child should fall ill whilst at School, they will be isolated as described in the procedure and parents will be asked to collect them. Day pupils who become unwell will be quarantined in a private room but will then need to return to the safe surrounding of their own home as soon as possible.

Boarding pupils
The Health Centre has now been designated for use by boarders only, with Day pupils being sent to their own homes and doctors if unwell. In addition to our usual practice of closely monitoring the health and well-being of all pupils, we are adding some extra precautions for boarders this term: Houseparents check boarders’ temperature daily; we have appointed an additional nurse to join our Health Centre team, who will live onsite and therefore be able to attend any Boarding House at any time of the day or night; daily visits to each boarding House by the nursing team will take place so that any unwell children can be monitored.  

If any boarding pupil should display the recognisable symptoms of the COVID-19 Virus (temperature above 37.8, new and persistent cough, and/or change in sense of taste and smell), we will arrange for them to be tested straight away. Boarding pupils or staff who are required to self-isolate either due to contact with a potential carrier, travel quarantine requirements or because they become ill themselves will be able to self-isolate in secure and comfortable isolation facilities which we have set up for any boarders who fall into these categories. Every House has its own quarantine quarters and a separate building opposite the Health Centre has also been repurposed to care for them if necessary. Day pupils will be required to quarantine in their own home.

Non-COVID related Illness 
Boarding pupils are cared for at School during term times unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any boarding pupil may be advised that they should stay in the Health Centre under close nursing supervision - to prevent cross infection, or if they need close observation. However, isolation at the Health Centre is unusual. Senior School Boarders that are unable to attend lessons usually prefer to be looked after by their Housemother in their own rooms, and the nurses facilitate this by visiting them regularly and supervising their care. Preparatory School Boarders that are unable to attend lessons are usually looked after at the Health Centre and return to their boarding house in the evening. Should a boarder become unwell during the night, the Housemaster/mistress contacts the staff on duty in the Health Centre who will arrange an emergency visit or treatment as needed.

Day pupils must report to Reception of the School they attend where they will be assessed. If  unfit to return to lessons parents will be required to collect them immediately.  

Special Medical Needs
 We welcome pupils with a wide range of health problems and medical conditions of varying severity. Our aim is to support and enable them to make the best of their school life and achieve their full potential by understanding their condition and taking control of their own condition management

School Counsellor  The School has a youth support worker, Richard Pincher, who can be contacted by pupils.

All the School nurses are trained in listening and mental health support skills. Our drop in service provides pupils, staff and parents with immediate support in a wide variety of situations, and we all refer on to doctors and other services when this is appropriate. If referrals are made, nurses offer continued support for that person to enable them to continue normal school life as far as possible.

Boarders' GP Clinics
Monday to Friday 08:10-08:50: Appointments can be booked in advance through the Health Centre Reception or by email, or a nurse will refer you and make an appointment.

24 Hour Emergency Service

There is a nurse on call at all times when the Health Centre building is closed. If pupils have an urgent problem with their health, they are asked to notify their Houseparent or the tutor on duty in their House. The House staff will contact the duty nurse and arrange an emergency visit or treatment as needed, or take them straight to hospital in urgent cases. 

The nurses in the Health Centre will provide immunisation in line with the Department of Health guidelines. We do ask you to provide information on your child’s travel vaccine requirements. 

Teeth and Eyes
We recommend check-ups for dental care and eye tests are carried out during the School holidays.

Parents are asked to note the following:
For any medical consultation or intervention carried out in the school holidays, we ask that you email the health centre with information to ensure any recommended care is carried out.  If your child is exposed to an infectious disease such as chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough or to any tropical diseases such as ebola they should not return to School until they have had a clear bill of health from a doctor.

Pupils should not bring their own medicines in to School unless prescribed by a doctor, in which case an English translation of medication must be provided, and the child will have to see the School Doctor to ensure the correct medication is prescribed. 

All Houses can administer over the counter remedies and then may refer pupils to the Health Centre if there is no improvement in their condition. 

Parents should be aware that not all medications from abroad are licensed in the UK and that the School Doctor will have to assess them on an individual basis. 

Physiotherapy can be provided both privately and through the NHS. 

If your child has private medical health insurance please send this information to the School’s finance department. 

Parents will be kept informed of all appointments for medical investigations.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Health Centre if you have any concerns regarding your child. 



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