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Tuesday, October 1 2019pSchool TripYear 5 (half) Trip to Bath
sSchool ServiceHarvest Festival (VIth Form), 8.50pm
sMusic/Concert/PlayScholars' Concert Vth form, LVI pupils, 7.00pm
Wednesday, October 2 2019pAcademic EventChapel Harvest Service
sCCFCCF field day to Peck Wood, 7.30am
Thursday, October 3 2019sSchool ServiceHarvest Festival (IVth and Vth Form), 8.50am
pExtra-CurricularMarmite Seminars, Year 7 and 8, M10, Maple, 12.50pm
sSchool InfoHouse photographs; 11.50am Choir; 12.05pm Oakley and Mary Windsor; 12.25pm Housman Hall and School; 12.45pm Elmshurst and Wendron Gordon; 1.05 pm Lupton and Waltersl; 1.25pm Hazeldene and Lyttelton; 1.45pm Thomas Cookes and Webber.
Friday, October 4 2019sHouse EventHazeldene movie and pizza night
pAcademic EventHouse Song Launch (SVS)
pSchool TripYear 6 (half) Trip to Hartlebury
sHouse EventOakley House quiz
sHouse EventSchool House breakfast
Saturday, October 5 2019sSchool TripChoir to Witley Court
spppSchool InfoExchanging room open 9.00am
Sunday, October 6 2019sSchool InfoChapel Readings: Mary Windsor
sHouse EventWalters House v School House Paintballing, Birmingham, 9.15am
Monday, October 7 2019sHead of YearLIV HOY: MidYis - GIRLS /Life Skills contraception - HC - BOYS, ICT rooms and LRC
sHead of YearUIV HOY: Self Esteem, Hospitality Suite
sHead of YearLVI HOY: History of the School 1914-18, Routh Hall
sHead of YearV HOY: Public Speaking, Cobham Hall
sHead of YearUVI HOY: UCAS Personal Statements
sExtra-CurricularMarmite Seminars: Lower VIth Extension Classes, Webber, 12.50pm
pAcademic EventMaths test week
ppPre-Prep Pre-School Parents' Evening
psppSchool InfoExchanging room open, 4.00pm-5.00pm
Tuesday, October 8 2019sMusic/Concert/PlayTeatime Concert, Routh Hall, 5.15pm
sSchool InfoLaw Personal Statement workshop with Harrison Clark Rickerby for 6th Form students
pSchool InfoPrep School Parents' Association meeting
Wednesday, October 9 2019ppPre-Prep PA Meeting in Pre-Prep Hall, 8.45am
sSchool TripLIVth Field Day, Malvern Hills, depart 8.20am
pSchool TripYear 4 Science trip to Sanders Park
Thursday, October 10 2019pExtra-CurricularMarmite Seminars, Year 7 and 8, M10, Maple, 12.50pm
Friday, October 11 2019sSchool InfoCharity Day, including ‘Own Clothes' in aid of the Giles' Trust
sHouse EventLupton Football & Pizza Evening
sExtra-CurricularMarmite Movies, IVth, Vth and VIth Formers, 5 Conway Road, 5.15pm-7.15pm
Saturday, October 12 2019sSchool TripExpedition club training, Snowdonia departs, 6.00am
pppsSchool InfoOpen Morning (Senior School)
Sunday, October 13 2019sSchool InfoChapel Readings: Housman Hall
sSchool TripExpedition Club training, Snowdonia, returns 9.00pm
Monday, October 14 2019sHead of YearExtended tutor time- grades
sExtra-CurricularMarmite Seminars: Lower VIth Extension Classes, Webber, 12.50pm
sSchool InfoAEO grades published
ppPre-Prep Reception Parents' Evening
pAcademic EventYear 8 StressBox Week2
psppSchool InfoExchanging room open, 4.00pm-5.00pm
Tuesday, October 15 2019sSchool InfoMasterclass With Lord Digby Jones, Routh Concert Hall
sSchool InfoUnison House Song
sSportScholars Introduction - S&C, sports therapist, nutritionist and psychologist, LRC
Wednesday, October 16 2019sSchool TripPolitics trip to Belfast departs
Thursday, October 17 2019pExtra-CurricularMarmite Seminars, Year 7 and 8, M10, Maple, 12.50pm
ppSchool InfoYear 2 VE Street Party
sSchool TripGreenpower international final qualification
sSchool TripArt and Textiles trip to Croome Park, LIV pupils, all day
Friday, October 18 2019pSchool TripYear 4 Hindu Temple visit
sSchool TripMusic tour to Salzburg departs 9am
sSchool InfoHalf Term commences, 4.00pm
sSchool TripPolitics trip to Belfast returns
pSchool InfoHouse Song Rehearsal
pSchool TripCompetition Choir trip
ppSchool InfoHalf term commences. Years 3 & 4 at 1.00pm, Years 5 & 6 at 3.50pm , Years 7 & 8 at 2.30pm
ppSchool InfoPre-Prep School closes for Half Term Holiday
sSchool TripGCSE Geography trip to Iceland, Departs
Saturday, October 19 2019sCCFCCF, survival course, departs 8am
Monday, October 21 2019sCCFCCF, survival course, returns 4pm
sExtra-CurricularMarmite Seminars: Lower VIth Extension Classes, Webber, 12.50pm
Tuesday, October 22 2019sSchool TripGCSE Geography trip to Iceland, returns
sSchool TripSalzburg trip returns
Monday, October 28 2019sExtra-CurricularMarmite Seminars: Lower VIth Extension Classes, Webber, 12.50pm
Thursday, October 31 2019spppSchool InfoExchanging room open 9.30am
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