About the International Foundation Programme

An academic award from the University of London is a mark of excellence, respected by employers and universities worldwide. This is because the University of London is one of the world’s leading universities, internationally recognised for its high academic standards.

Academics at the University develop the syllabuses, prepare the study materials, and are responsible for the assessment of students. This means that students benefit from the academic rigour and leading-edge research undertaken by the University.

Bromsgrove School is delighted to have been approved as a Candidate Teaching Institution for the prestigious University of London International Foundation programme (IFP). The IFP at Bromsgrove is a two-term programme commencing at the end of August with terminal examinations, set and marked by the University of London in April.

The two-term programme equips you with the knowledge and skills you will need for undergraduate study: it offers a structured learning experience with an academic focus. In addition, it provides an ideal transition between home and University with all IFP students accommodated and cared for within an on-campus boarding house offering a safe, secure and structured environment.

The International Foundation Programme provides guaranteed entry to a range of undergraduate degrees offered by the University of London International Programmes. Furthermore, many of the world’s most prestigious universities will accept successful completion of the International Foundation Programme as meeting their entry requirements and will consider applications from students who have this qualification.

This one-year programme has a strong emphasis on the development of academic skills, encouraging active learning by engaging with relevant and contemporary issues.
Classroom teaching is supported by broad study materials and resources developed by the University of London including access to the virtual learning environment.

Students follow four courses:

• Compulsory
o Mathematics and Statistics
o Economics
o International Relations

• And one of either:
o Pure Mathematics
o Politics

The programme is offered to the students who have studied up to the equivalent of GCSE or IGCSE seeking to enter undergraduate courses in Maths, Economics, Finance, Business, Law, Politics, Management or other Social Science subjects.

In addition to the core curriculum from the University of London, Bromsgrove will provide students will additional compulsory classes in English Language skills. The English course is included in the course fee and will help students to improve their fluency and accuracy in spoken and written language. These classes will prepare students for the IELTS Academic examination.

On successful completion of your studies, you will be awarded the University of London International Foundation Certificate. The Certificate you receive will state that you were registered with the University of London and that examinations were conducted by the University of London.

For further information, please download our brochure.

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