Geography Trip to Iceland

Posted: 27/11/2019

Twenty-nine excited students embarked on a trip to Iceland during October half term. During their stay they had a true introduction to Icelandic geology and culture.

Day 1: Our students spent time chasing the Northern lights. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to see the light specifically but they still had a good time exploring areas of Iceland and becoming acclimatised to the weather.

Day 2: Students visited Thingvellir National Park and Oxararfoss fall, with a lovely lunch at one of the many horticulture centres powered by geothermal heating. At the centre, they had the opportunity to taste some tomato ice cream. This was followed by a visit to the two tier waterfall Gullfoss and famous Strokkur geysir.

Day 3:The Geographers travelled to the second largest geothermal power station located on top of the active volcano, Hengill. This station provides electricity as well as hot water to Reykjavik and is one of the greenest energy sources on the planet. As the day progressed, students braved the weather and the sulphur smell to visit the hot springs on the Reykjanes peninsula. Students ended the day by standing on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The only section visible on land between the Eurasian and North American plates.

Day 4: Geography students visited South Iceland. This area has a rich band of black sandy beaches, ice caps, fertile river plains and an explosive volcanic landscape. They started the day at the LAVA Centre, where they were able to witness 'the birth' of Iceland through state of the art technology. After lunch, pictures were taken at Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall fed by the melting water from Eyjafjallajökull's icecap. They also enjoyed the cascades of Skógafoss and the black volcanic sands of Reynisfjara and its basalt columns.


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