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Tutoring and Pastoral Care

Pupils first, systems second. Always. But good pastoral care – the kind of pastoral care that really does focus on individual issues rather than offering a one size fits all solution – still needs structure. Bromsgrove uses the house system to foster a sense of community and to ensure tutors and tutees are working to the same ends. This vertical structure (rather than the horizontal form system), means thirteen and eighteen year olds are in continual contact within the house. Older pupils’ own experiences and shared problems can often help a younger pupil as much as the advice of a tutor. Pupils are empowered.

Houseparents and tutors listen, encourage and support. Pastoral care at Bromsgrove is not something that happens when things go wrong: it should be happening every second of the day. Tutor groups are small (averaging eleven pupils to each tutor), relationships are warm and open, and transparency is essential.

Bromsgrove also has a sophisticated and entirely confidential independent counselling service for those who seek it, and the PSHE programme works in conjunction with the School Medical Centre.

Numerous backgrounds and faiths are represented at Bromsgrove, and we teach that nobody has a monopoly on self-expression. The Chapel remains central to the spiritual life of the School, and whether pupils have a faith or not, the Chaplain plays a proactive role in ensuring our community is inclusive and caring. Outside of Chapel, pupils gather once a week for the Headmaster's assembly (known as "Routh") when the news of the week is imparted and any important whole School messages are delivered. This gathering is crucial in establishing the ethos and expectations of the School.

Year groups also meet on weekly basis, and of course the Houses assemble every day. We allow for variation and personality, and we always want our pupils to be challenged, but the values the School upholds are reinforced constantly.

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