Study Skills

On Monday, April 24th, we are delighted to be welcoming Andy Salmon (aka Sir Linkalot) from Think-a-link to Bromsgrove Preparatory School. Andy will be introducing Year 8 to the world of 'Linking' which is a fun and easy way to remember any fact, whether it be the spelling of a tricky word, how to correctly use an apostrophe, a Maths formula, an Historical Date/Event, a Geographical location, a Science process or the meaning of a word. This is part of our study day where Year 8 pupils will be given advice on how to prepare for examinations. Topics covered will include: finding your learning style, planning a revision timetable, sketch noting and examination technique.

All parents (Reception to Year 8) are invited to attend a 60 minute parents' presentation at 6.30pm in Maple Hall which will enable you to pick up some extremely handy and innovative tips which you can implement at home. The techniques can be used with pupils from Reception to Senior School.

Andy has presented at 300 schools to 125,000 children from Reception to Sixth Form and 15,000 teachers. The British Dyslexia Association thinks his spelling technique 'Letter Linking' is “groundbreaking”. Andy has two books on the market which will be available to purchase on Monday evening if you wish to.

If you are interested in attending I would be very grateful if you could let Mrs Taylor know by emailing no later than Monday 12pm so that we can plan refreshments for the evening.