Scholarships and Bursaries 

There is much competition for Scholarship places but they offer only a small amount of financial help - the reward is through recognition of the Scholars' contribution to their area of excellence within the School.

Academic Scholarships are offered at 11+, 13+ and 16+.
11+ and 13+ candidates whose performance in the Entrance Examinations is deemed worthy of consideration for an Academic Scholarship will be invited back for interview by the Headmaster and Senior Staff. There is no scholarship application form for 11+ and 13+. 16+ Academic Scholarship candidates sit Scholarship Examinations. 

Academic Scholarship Interview Dates 
11+ candidates Wednesday 23rd January 2019
13+ candidates Thursday 24th January 2019
Sixth Form Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Music Scholarships are offered at 11+, 13+ and 16+.
Full details are available from the Director of Music.
Scholarship audition dates: 16th-18th January 2019

Art Scholarships are offered at 13+ and 16+, Textiles Scholarships are also offered at 16+.
Scholarship interviews: Friday 18th January 2019

Drama Scholarships are offered at 13+ and 16+.
Scholarship interviews: 17th-18th January 2019

Sports Scholarships are offered at 13+ and 16+ assessment days are held prior to pupils sitting entrance examinations. Talented sportsmen and women are invited to apply to attend the assessment days but all candidates are required to meet the necessary academic standard for entry to the school. The Directors of Sport can give more information.

Sports Scholarships Assessment Dates 
13+ Assessment Day: Monday 19th November 2018
16+ Assessment Day: Tuesday 20th November 2018

The following awards are usually made annually:
11+ 4 Academic Awards,1 Music Award
13+ 6 Academic Awards, 2 Music Awards, up to 2 Art Awards and up to 4 Sports Awards
16+ 6 Academic Awards, 2 Music Awards, up to 2 Art Awards and up to 5 Sports Awards

Foundation Scholarships are available at 11+ and 13+. These awards only operate in respect of day places and preference is given to candidates from Bromsgrove and the surrounding area. Foundation Scholarships are awarded to very able pupils in need of financial assistance. The maximum award is 50% of the day fee, which can be augmented by a means-tested bursary. Candidates wishing to be considered for a Foundation Scholarship should apply in writing to the Assistant Head in charge of Admissions.

Bursary Information
Bromsgrove offers a generous provision of means-tested bursaries and it is possible to apply for both a scholarship and bursary at the same time. Admissions Bursaries are offered at Years 7, 9 & 12 entry. Whilst assessing the bursary, all relevant sources of income and capital assets are taken into account. An element of your capital will be included in our assessment. Although each application is assessed individually and can depend on circumstances, as a guideline, a full bursary may be given to a family with a gross income of £25,000 or less, and then a sliding scale is in operation up to approximately £75,000. Please note however, that if school fees are being paid for siblings, these will be taken into account whilst assessing the award and could reduce assessable income.

Prospective parents should indicate their interest in a bursary on the School Application Form and then complete the relevant bursary forms. All bursary applications need to have been received by the first week in January and bursary awards are normally made with the offer of a School place by the end of February. Once awarded, the bursary will be reviewed on an annual basis. The bursary application form and the School’s Bursary Policy can be viewed on these links: 
Bursary Application Form 
Bursary Policy 

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