Page House

In September 2012 Page House was opened for our Prep boarders, housing all of the pupils under one roof. This bigger house, for up to 70 pupils, has allowed us to expand our boarding numbers in response to demand for more places. The boarding house reflects the high standards of accommodation being achieved throughout the Senior School, ensuring that our youngest boarders also live in modern, top quality accommodation fit for the 21st century. 

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Comments from Page Boarders

Jamie is from Germany and has boarded in Page for one year. 

I like boarding because there are lots of people to play with and it’s like one big family. I like going to meals with people, the food is good, especially breakfast. I like sharing a room with my friends.

Annabel has boarded for two years. Her brother will be in Year 6 in September and Annabel will be in Year 8. Annabel is British Australian but lives in Moscow.

Boarding is fun even though sometimes you miss your parents. There is always someone you can turn to if you’re feeling upset. You should look forward to downtown and movie nights on Saturdays and fun trips on Sundays.

Elena has boarded since Year 4.

I like the art room because it has lots of equipment in it. The staff will lend you kit if you need it. You have good contact with your parents.

Kaitlyn is in Year 6. She has a brother in Senior School.

I like boarding because it’s like a sleepover every night. All the girls are very kind. I like snack time after school, movie nights and trips. My favourite trip was to Water world and I liked the archery trip.

Josh is a boarder in Year 5. 

I really like boarding, it’s really fun. There are lots of people to meet. I like playing football outside, having hot chocolate and fruit and sharing a room.

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