Evening Entertainment

Bromsgrove staff organise a full programme of social events, games and entertainment every evening including discos, talent shows and pizza nights. By encouraging the mixing of nationalities and developing students’ awareness and social skills, we create a harmonious international community in which students can live, study and enjoy themselves. In addition, these events give students the opportunity to practise their spoken English and have lots of fun.

  • Entertainment and Evening Activities take place each day after supper
  • There are many whole-school events to encourage mixing and social integration.
  • Students hear and speak English in natural situations.
  • Some activities take place off campus, in which case transport will be provided to and from the venue, with strict supervision from Bromsgrove staff at all times.
  • All events and activities are organised and supervised by Bromsgrove Staff.
  • Recommended staff : student ratios are maintained at all times.
  • A variety of events* are offered every week including a staff and student talent show, DVD nights, sports tournaments, disco and karaoke. Cinema trips and bowling may be subject to an additonal charge.

* The evening activities may be subject to change at any time.

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