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Academic Results

Bromsgrove School has maintained its impressive average of recent years with pupils achieving 85% of grades at A*- B. Of its 174 A level students, 10 scored more than 5 A grades, 25 gained more than 4 A grades and a of third students scored at least 3 A grades. This comes against the backdrop of a nationwide drop in top grade A level passes. 

Headmaster Peter Clague said he is very proud of the maintenance of such high levels of academic success in light of the national tightening of standards. He commented, “Rigour builds trust in our qualifications system and it is particularly pleasing that students continue to excel in a more challenging regime”.   For previous results, please click here

A Level results - year on year comparison 

 %  2016  2015 2014  2013    2012    2011    2010    2009    2008    2007    2006    2005    2004   
 A* A   60  61  58  62 61 80 63            
 A* A B   86  85  87  89 87 86 86            
 A                60 61 50 54 50 56
 A B                 84 87 82 84 80 83
Overall Pass   99.8  100  100  100 100 100 100 99.8 100 100 100 99.4 99.9

A level Results 2016

Bromsgrove School has once again recorded outstanding A level and BTEC results, with 15.7% gaining A* grades, 60% gaining A* or A and 86% gaining A* to B grades. In BTEC every single entry was graded at least Distinction with 34 Distinction* grades (equivalent to A* at A level).

Please click here to download the A level results by subject and to find out more about the destinations our leavers went on to. 

IB Results 2016

Bromsgrove School’s International Baccalaureate results are once again outstanding. Pupils scored on average 38 points, with a third scoring 40 points or more, 45 being the highest possible score. This average places Bromsgrove School amongst the very top IB schools in the country. Every student entered gained their diploma and half received formal recognition of their bilingualism. The average candidate score is the equivalent of 4 A* grades at A Level.

2016  2015  2014  2013  2012
40 & over   37  35 25 24 24
35 & over   90  89 79 56 61
30 & over   100 100 93 88 83
25 & over   100 100 100 100 100
Overall pass   100 100 100 100 100
Diploma Average   38.0  38.8 37.6 35.5 35.1

Please click here to download the IB results by subject. 


Destination of Leavers  

Please click here to download the list of destinations. 


GCSE Results 2016 

Bromsgrove School Fifth Form pupils have achieved a superb set of GCSE results that are amongst the School’s best. Almost a third of the total grades achieved were graded A*, 64% were graded A*/A and 85% graded B or above. Three students achieved a full house of eleven A*s, five achieved 10A*s and seven achieved 9A* with one or more supporting A grades.

Headmaster Peter Clague commented, “These are fantastic results and a reward for the dedication and talent of our students. There will be many happy students and families in Bromsgrove and around the world as they receive their results and anticipate the next exciting step in their lives”.

Congratulations to pupils Nathan Buckley, Natasha Durie and Abigail Saker who all achieved 11 A* grades and to Matthew Coulson, Matthew Hegarty, Laura Merritt, William Nadin, Rachel Weller and Alex Wong who achieved 10A* and at least one A grade. A further seven pupils achieved 9A* with two supplementary A grades.

Please click here to download the GCSE results by subject.

Previous Results

All previous academic results can be downloaded here


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